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Design Services

We offer a variety of design services ranging from Full Service Interior Design and styling to our Design service, all of which are executed with beautiful, custom-tailored results.

Whether you need to design and decorate an entire house or you just want to add the finishing touches to a room, we make every effort to make the process stress free for you.

We value our relationships with our clients and do our best to learn about your lifestyle and needs in order to build up a comprehensive plan suited to your project.

Please complete the form on the “Contact” page for more information on how we can help you create your dream home.

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Interior Architecture / Design

Athos interior design studio innovates with each new project; we deliver commercial and residential luxury interior designs to the highest standards of service with attention to detail. We specialize in offering flexible and tailored solutions to any brief, from a full design scheme with drawings to a simple design concept.

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Lighting Design

Lighting is key to our approach and integral to any interior design project we undertake. We collaborate with some of the world’s most respected lighting consultants. Whether artificial or natural, lighting design is of paramount importance within any scheme, and our knowledge of the latest lighting technology and trends ensures endless possibilities.

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Landscape Design

Landscape design is essential to the continuation of an interior design scheme, and our intuitive use of plants and materials create outdoor spaces with style and elegance. We like to consider exteriors as a living architecture that is able to change from season to season and keeps surprising all the time. We balance the contrast of light between the day and night with the colour scheme of the surroundings, with the result of harmonious and luxurious living.

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Company / Brand Identification

Identification to your interior space which you have to consider the right colors, furniture, tables and many other decorative elements reflective to your businesses image.

Office Design
Hospitality Design
Commercial Design
Ballroom Design
Pharmacy Design
Restaurant Design
Residential Design